Florian Kaiselgruber

Crafting Texts and Shaping Content

Language is my business. I focus on conveying your core message and crafting content to suit contexts. 

You need straightforward editing, fine-tuned localisation, specialised translation, or creative transcreation? 

I can help. 

Reliable, prompt and precise, I can tailor your texts to your target audience. I see every assignment as a challenge to outdo myself, and every client that I work with as a partnership.

What I Do










I am comfortable working in both British and American English, as well as proficient in a variety of German dialects. As an Austrian German-speaker, I am intimately aware of the nuances of regionalised languages, and the importances of localisations. In translating and editing texts, I am direct and precise.  And in transcreation assignments, I am always excited to transport your message to a new language with creative spark and flair. 

My Areas of Specialisation

While I am always happy to take on new challenges and texts about a large variety of topics, here are the fields that I know best. They are close to my heart based on my education, professional experience and my personal interests. 

Digital Marketing and Content Marketing

As a particular passion of mine, I love reading and writing about all aspects of digital and content marketing. I have worked extensively as an editor for blogposts and articles on subjects ranging from comparisons of CRMs, the latest email marketing trends, to VoIP phone services and unified communications platforms. 

Civil and Environmental Engineering

From river restoration projects to geotechnics, I am comfortable working on projects involving civil and environmental engineering. Examples of my work in this area range from translations of applications for EU funding for rehabilitation projects, and editing research articles on the impact of vegetation on soil stability. 

Life Sciences - from Conservation Science to Chemistry

Having attended a vocational school that focusses on environmental topics, I am comfortable with subjects ranging from botany and zoology to biochemistry and anatomy. In past assignments, I have translated exhibitions on conservation history for national parks, and edited theses on the distribution of grass species in the Southern Alps. 

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